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Month: April 2016

Prince Did Not Have a Will? Control Your Property and Avoid Probate

on April 29, 2016Posted in Estate Planning

The importance of estate planning is highlighted in news that music legend Prince died without a will or trust. The Minneapolis Star Tribune made this report after news that Prince’s sister opened a probate court case.  If this report is accurate, then Prince’s estate will be handled through the Minnesota probate court system. Probate court… read more

Social Security and San Diego divorce cases

on April 23, 2016Posted in Divorce

There is a significant relationship between San Diego divorce cases and Social Security benefits. A recent article published by CBS News highlighted the importance of learning more about Social Security benefits. People who are going through a divorce must take some time to learn about Social Security benefits and how the manner in which a… read more

San Diego Family Law Attorneys and Fundamental Rights

on April 20, 2016Posted in Divorce,Family Law,Firm News

A person’s right to be represented by a San Diego family attorney should be viewed as fundamental. The Supreme Court of the United States just recently released a new opinion highlighting the importance of a criminal defendant’s right to choose counsel. In Luis v. United States (2016) 578 U.S. ___.  The United States Supreme Court… read more

It’s Tax Time Again. Do You Get to Take the Exemption for your Child This Year?

on April 13, 2016Posted in Family Law,Taxes

According to the IRS, the parent with whom the child spent the greater number of nights during the year is the “custodial parent.”  By using IRS Form 8332, the custodial parent can release the claim to exemption for the child to the noncustodial parent.  This form can also be used to revoke a previous release… read more

Requesting an Order from the Court for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs? It’s Complicated.

on April 12, 2016Posted in Attorney Fees,Family Law

There are several important requirements that must be observed by anyone requesting a court order for the payment of attorney fees and costs. To make an informed decision about their orders, San Diego divorce court judges need to have all of the relevant information about a case in front of them. Judges must know as… read more

The Best San Diego Divorce Lawyers Have Expertise in Financial Discovery and Disclosure

on April 10, 2016Posted in Disclosure,Discovery,Divorce,Family Law

The best San Diego divorce lawyers are well versed in California laws concerning financial disclosure and discovery. As part of every divorce case, each party must complete financial disclosures before property is assigned and divided. The moving party (Petitioner) in a San Diego divorce case must serve a Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure that is in… read more

San Diego Divorce Court Judges May Order You or Your Ex to Pay Attorney Fees

on April 4, 2016Posted in Attorney Fees,Divorce,Family Law

The best San Diego divorce lawyers must be well-versed in court orders for attorney fees. The issue of who should pay for attorney fees can be very complicated and may have a substantial effect on the course of the case. We are going to start by looking at the basics concerning how San Diego Superior… read more