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Month: May 2016

Who Pays for the Transportation in a San Diego Child Custody Case When a Parent Moves Across the Country?

on May 22, 2016Posted in Child Custody

When the parent in a San Diego child custody case with the most child sharing time moves across the country, extra efforts must be made for the child or the children to keep frequent and continuing contact with the parent and other family members who remain behind. A move-away by the custodial parent[1] diminishes the… read more

Dealing with Student Loans in San Diego Divorce Cases

on May 20, 2016Posted in Divorce,Property Division,Student Loans

San Diego divorce cases frequently include disputes over student loan obligations.  Student loans are all over the news these days, from discussions of the rising level of student loan debt in millennials, to instances, such as this article where for-profit schools are under fire for questionable student loan tactics. Student loan issues also often arise… read more

San Diego County Bar Association Releases Judicial Evaluations

on May 17, 2016Posted in Court

The San Diego County Bar Association has completed its evaluation of the candidates for judicial positions in the upcoming election. The San Diego County Bar Association evaluates each candidate to determine whether they are qualified or lack the qualifications necessary to perform their required duties. All four candidates were evaluated as “Qualified” this year: Judge… read more

Disability Payments Impact California Child Support Orders

on May 7, 2016Posted in Child Support

Do you receive disability payments under the Social Security disability insurance program or from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and also have a monthly child support obligation? If so, your child may be eligible to receive derivative benefits (payments in addition to your disability checks for the benefit of the child) from the applicable federal… read more

Final Child Custody Orders and the Importance of Montenegro v. Diaz

on May 5, 2016Posted in Child Custody

The finality of custody orders is one of the most important, if not most overlooked, aspects of child custody in California. When a couple first divorces, a Court will typically apply the best interests of the child analysis as specified in Family Code § 3011. In determining the best interests of the child, the Court… read more

That’s Not Fair! My Spouse Lives in our Home Rent Free During Our San Diego Divorce Case!

on May 3, 2016Posted in Community Property,Divorce

Understandably, the parties in a San Diego divorce case are often (but not always) living separate and apart. When the parties own a home, it usually makes financial sense for one spouse to stay in that home and the other to move into a new residence. But might that give one spouse a financial benefit… read more