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Month: June 2016

My Spouse Cheated. Will the Family Court Judge Care?

on June 27, 2016Posted in Divorce,Family Law

The short answer is that in family court: It depends. Some people are surprised to find out that California is a so-called “no-fault” state. This means that a person filing for divorce does not have to give any reason for wanting to do so beyond saying there are “irreconcilable differences” between the parties. The idea… read more

How Much Child Support Will I Have to Pay?

on June 24, 2016Posted in Child Support

Parents who get a divorce or who were not married have a mutual obligation to support their children. (Fam. Code, § 4053.) To make this happen, California has put in place what is called “Guideline” child support. On a very basic level, the Guideline San Diego child support calculator takes into account each parent’s gross… read more

Know the Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders that Apply in San Diego Divorce Cases

on June 23, 2016Posted in Divorce

Every San Diego divorce case starts with a Summons and Petition. A Summons is issued by the court to provide notice that a lawsuit for dissolution of marriage has been filed. The Summons includes four Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (“ATROS”) that are printed on the California Judicial Council Form FL-110. It is extremely important for… read more

Celebrity Family Law News – Future, Ciara, and Child Custody

on June 21, 2016Posted in Child Custody,Family Law

Although rapper Future and singer Ciara’s son is only two years old, the famous couple has already made waves in celebrity Family Law news. Ciara recently requested sole custody of the couple’s child, alleging that father Future was a not-so-great parent. Ciara was attempting to modify custody orders the parents had both agreed to. Future… read more

Limited Scope Representation – Save Money on San Diego Divorce Lawyers

on June 19, 2016Posted in Attorney Fees

Many San Diego divorce lawyers offer clients an option to save money by “unbundling” legal services though limited scope representation. This may be compared to cable television providers “unbundling” services by allowing people to save on monthly charges by picking and choosing a smaller package of TV stations.  In a family law case, this offers… read more

Military Divorce and San Diego Family Attorneys

on June 7, 2016Posted in Family Law,Military Divorce

In San Diego, the United States armed forces are an integral element to the fabric of our community. Along with the rest of our community, service members may need the skills of San Diego family attorneys if they are dealing with divorce, custody and visitation, or domestic violence. However, there are often special considerations that… read more

Reimbursement Requests in San Diego Divorce Cases

on June 3, 2016Posted in Property Division

San Diego divorce lawyers frequently address issues concerning credits and reimbursements related to the use of community property after the date of separation. The California Court of Appeal recently made a factually interesting ruling recently relating to the use of the marital home after the parties separate, as well as the reimbursement for the upkeep… read more