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Month: November 2016

Don’t Miss the Asset – Accrued Vacation Pay in a Divorce

on November 16, 2016Posted in Assets,Community Property

Vacation pay in a divorce: This is a good example of an asset that should not be missed. When the time to divide assets in a divorce case arrives it’s important to make sure all of the community property has been addressed. Some property items are more obvious than others. For example, people probably aren’t… read more

Hire a Certified Family Law Specialist for Your Military Divorce Case

on November 11, 2016Posted in Military Divorce

Military divorce cases often include complicated issues. That’s why it’s important to hire an attorney familiar with military divorce cases and the issues presented by these cases. Certified Family Law Specialists have extra training and experience that is very valuable for military families. Certified Family Law Specialists must pass a second bar exam and have… read more

What is a divorce calculator?

on November 4, 2016Posted in Divorce

We have seen several questions lately about California divorce calculators. What is a California divorce calculator? The simple answer to that question is that there is not one specific “divorce calculator” in California. There are actually many items to which a person may be referring when using the term “divorce calculator.” San Diego family attorneys… read more