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Month: January 2017

Sanctions in a Divorce Case – Marriage of Sagonowsky v. Kekoa

on January 18, 2017Posted in Attorney Fees,Sanctions

The California Appellate Court recently decided a case on the nature of sanctions in a divorce case. You may have heard of the term sanctions in reference to a lawsuit. The general meaning of the term is a monetary punishment for violating some rule. The Family Code, the California laws relating specifically to divorce, among… read more

California Divorce Court May Consider Specific Bad Acts When Making Spousal Support Orders

on January 17, 2017Posted in Alimony,Spousal Support

The California Court of Appeal recently published a new opinion clearly stating that courts may consider bad behavior with regard to spousal support orders. In the case of In re Marriage of Genise and Donn Michael Schu, Jr., the wife (Genise) apparently had a sexual relationship with one of her child’s friends while the child… read more

Ending a Divorce Case with Reconciliation

on January 8, 2017Posted in Divorce

On January 4, 2017, news broke that Anthony Anderson (of the TV shows “Blackish” and “To Tell the Truth”) and his wife Alvina Anderson dismissed their divorce action. ( The case was filed in September 2015. Reasons for filing a dismissal of a divorce case can vary, but a dismissal usually indicates reconciliation between the… read more