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Month: May 2017

Protecting Your Finances During San Diego Divorce Season

on May 22, 2017Posted in Assets,Divorce,Divorce Articles

According to a March 2017 article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, divorce in the United States consistently peaks from March to August. Researchers claim that the aftermath of Christmas along with summer holidays often play a vital role in motivating individuals to file for divorce during these months. Researchers typically refer to these months as… read more

Substance Misuse in Custody Proceedings

on May 15, 2017Posted in Child Custody

The reality is that a certain percentage of Family Court cases involve one or two parties who are substance misusers. For example, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that following a general trend of increased methamphetamine use in recent years, methamphetamine-related deaths reached a record high in 2015. The children of parents misusing and/or addicted to… read more

Protecting Assets in a San Diego Grey Divorce

on May 8, 2017Posted in Divorce,Divorce Articles,Estate Planning

According to a September 2016 CNBC article, the divorce rate among couples near retirement age is doubling. In fact, the divorce rate for adults over 50 years old doubled from 1990 to 2014. For adults over 65 years old, the divorce rate tripled during the same time period. Retirement accounts and pensions are the second… read more