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About Scott Family Law

San Diego Divorce Attorneys

Welcome to Scott Family Law. Mr. Scott and his legal staff are dedicated to providing quality in divorce, mediation and family law services throughout San Diego and Southern California. Now recognizing more than 35 years of experience and delivering legal services as a Board Certified Family Law Specialist, specifically in the Murphy Canyon area of San Diego, CA.

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney in San Diego, our law firm will help you understand the different forms, processes, and issues related to Family Law and the Divorce Process whether it be a complex divorce, spousal support issue, or divorce mediation.

Why Choose Scott Family Law, Certified Family Law Specialist, For Your Legal Needs?

Choosing the right lawyer is important. Here are just a few reasons to consider retaining our firm to represent you in any divorce or other family law matter:

  • Experience: More than one of our San Diego divorce attorneys has over 35 years of legal experience, giving us the in-depth knowledge and skill our clients need in this area of law.
  • Expertise: Our founder, Scott Family Law, CFLS, is Board-Certified in Family Law by the California Board of Legal Specialization.
  • Reputation: Our firm has handled high-profile cases for clients ranging from entertainment celebrities to professional athletes, and we have established a respected reputation in the legal community.
  • Trial skills: In addition to studying at Gerry Spence’s prestigious Trial Lawyers College, Mr. Scott has more litigation experience than many other family law attorneys in the area. This experience allows him to better advise his clients and protect their interests, whether or not the case ever goes to trial. For many couples who are breaking up, there is good communication and a reasonable attitude toward disclosing financial information, so divorce mediation is a far more beneficial and cost-effective method for resolving disputes.

High Net Worth & High Asset Divorce San Diego

For three decades, the Law Offices of Scott Family Law have handled high asset and high net worth divorce cases in San Diego. Our firm has handled high profile cases for clients ranging from entertainers to professional athletes. A high net worth divorce can affect executives, entertainers, news anchors, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, business owners and entrepreneurs, politicians or spouses of a high-status or high net worth professional.

If you are a high profile and high net worth individual seeking divorce assistance in San Diego, call the Law Offices of Scott Family Law. We are Certified Family Law Specialists in California. We will consult with you and will use our 35 years of experience to help you through your high asset and complex divorce family law case. Call today for a free consultation at 858-974-4900.

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Looking for answers in the California Family Code? Updated for 2013!

100 Favorite California Family Code Sections, 105 Laws of Evidence, and Cases on Ability to Earn & Imputed Income.

With over 35 years of experience as a family lawyer working with the California Family Code, I have developed my “100 Most Popular Sections” and updated for 2013 to include “105 Laws of Evidence.” This listing acts as a guide to common family law sections, with references and descriptions and additional information. Learn more by visiting my favorite California Family Code sections. As a certified divorce specialist, I present the most crucial information on father rights, parents rights, marital support, modification of divorce orders, modification of family support, grandparents right, California custody, military divorce, adoption, prenuptial agreements, substantive rights and liabilities, restraining orders, estate planning, Epstein credits, joint credit cards and all aspects of the California dissolution process.

Domestic Violence Attorneys San Diego

There Are Laws that Protect Domestic Violence Survivors

Fortunately for those who have suffered through the experience or several experiences of domestic violence, there are several California laws in place designed for protection. If you have either already suffered through this experience or you fear that you may have to endure this horrible and terrifying pain sometime soon, you need to become as familiar with these laws as soon as possible so that you have a basic understanding of your rights.

San Diego Marital Settlement Agreement Lawyers

The Nature of San Diego Marital Settlement Agreements

If two people who want a divorce are able to work through the basic issues that tie themselves to a divorce, the process of executing a marital settlement agreement can be smooth and efficient.

Are you Concerned? Don’t Worry

Our family law firm has over 35 years of experience and is able to answer all of your questions to settle your nerves, and then we’ll win your case!

  1. Will my wife be allowed to move away with the children?
  2. Will my husband be allowed to move away with the children?
    California Family Code Section 7501 states that the parent entitled to custody determines the residence of the child. Recent higher court decisions have recognized the mobility of our culture and agreed to moves by the custodial parent. A parent wishing to block such a move or a non-custodial parent wishing to move with the children has the burden of a change of custody order.
  3. How can I change the custody of my children?
    The change of custody burden is a showing of “change of circumstance” such as showing a change of facts that make a change of residence of the children essential and expedient.
  4. How do I get the most spousal support or alimony?
    Practice shows that the spouse demonstrating the most need tied to a sincere and thoughtful plan for the advancement of a career will get the highest support from the court.

Do you have more Family Law Questions? Don’t continue until you get the answers.

Who will pay for the attorney? California law provides that the judge should consider the needs of each party, the income of each party, the conduct of each party, the assets whether they are community or separate in determining if one side should contribute money to pay for the lawyer of the other side. Very often, the judge will want to know if there is an asset like a house or investment account with enough equity that can be used to pay one or both of the lawyers. A smart tactic in a divorce is to play fair, be forthright with information, and make a fair written statement offer early in the case. This can be used against the other side if they persist in fighting for an unreasonable position.

Is a Marital Settlement Agreement as good as a Judgment? A Marital Settlement Agreement commonly called an “MSA” is a comprehensive document stating all terms and condition between the husband and wife to end the marriage. It becomes private law between the husband and wife. The earlier in the case that the terms of an MSA can be reached, the cheaper the divorce will be. The MSA is merged and incorporated into the Judgment. The case does not go to trial. If appropriate, the MSA/Judgment may be recorded with the County Recorder. It may also be used to divorce certain investment or retirement accounts.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of going through a San Diego Divorce, and if you need it to be settled, contact Scott Family Law now!

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