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Category: Attorney Fees

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood – An Example of Family Code § 2030 Attorney Fee Analysis

on March 6, 2018Posted in Attorney Fees,Divorce

In divorce cases, a frequently and hotly contested issue is whether one party should pay the other’s attorney’s fees (and how much). There are many specific California code sections that speak to how a judge should decide this issue, but one of the most often used code sections is Family Code Section 2030. (Fam. Code,… read more

Disclosure, Fiduciary Duties, Attorney Fees and Sanctions: It’s complicated.

on February 10, 2017Posted in Attorney Fees

The California Court of Appeal released a new published opinion on February 8, 2017, concerning financial disclosure, fiduciary duties, attorney fees, and sanctions. In re the Marriage of Charles and Lori Schleich was clearly a very hotly contested divorce case. Both the husband (Charles) and wife (Lori) requested orders from the court for payment of… read more

Sanctions in a Divorce Case – Marriage of Sagonowsky v. Kekoa

on January 18, 2017Posted in Attorney Fees,Sanctions

The California Appellate Court recently decided a case on the nature of sanctions in a divorce case. You may have heard of the term sanctions in reference to a lawsuit. The general meaning of the term is a monetary punishment for violating some rule. The Family Code, the California laws relating specifically to divorce, among… read more

San Diego Family Attorneys Request Court Orders for Fees

on September 9, 2016Posted in Attorney Fees

Attorney’s fees and costs in California divorce proceedings are awarded in specific circumstances determined by California code sections. Here are a few code sections commonly used by San Diego family attorneys: Family Code § 2030 – Need-Based Award This is the most commonly used code section to request attorney’s fees and costs. This section requires… read more

Limited Scope Representation – Save Money on San Diego Divorce Lawyers

on June 19, 2016Posted in Attorney Fees

Many San Diego divorce lawyers offer clients an option to save money by “unbundling” legal services though limited scope representation. This may be compared to cable television providers “unbundling” services by allowing people to save on monthly charges by picking and choosing a smaller package of TV stations.  In a family law case, this offers… read more

Requesting an Order from the Court for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs? It’s Complicated.

on April 12, 2016Posted in Attorney Fees,Family Law

There are several important requirements that must be observed by anyone requesting a court order for the payment of attorney fees and costs. To make an informed decision about their orders, San Diego divorce court judges need to have all of the relevant information about a case in front of them. Judges must know as… read more

San Diego Divorce Court Judges May Order You or Your Ex to Pay Attorney Fees

on April 4, 2016Posted in Attorney Fees,Divorce,Family Law

The best San Diego divorce lawyers must be well-versed in court orders for attorney fees. The issue of who should pay for attorney fees can be very complicated and may have a substantial effect on the course of the case. We are going to start by looking at the basics concerning how San Diego Superior… read more