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Category: Child Custody

Expedited Custody and Visitation Orders in San Diego Family Court

on July 11, 2019Posted in Child Custody,Court,Divorce,Family Law

Expedited Custody and Visitation Orders in Family Court Family Court cases often involve emotional disagreements over how parents are going to split parenting duties – Will custody be shared? If not, who has custody? What schedule will the parents and children follow from day to day? Who will be responsible for dropping them off at… read more


on October 4, 2017Posted in Child Custody

I was in the grocery store the other day, glancing at the tabloid headlines as I stood in line to check out, when my eyes fixated on one particular headline. It was regarding a celebrity couple divorce, the names escape me. The headline read, “Divorce gets ugly! Who will get the kids.” This headline sparked… read more

Sole Custody – When Is It Appropriate?

on August 23, 2017Posted in Child Custody

Recent celebrity news about Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams and his child custody case tells us that his wife is asking for sole custody, saying he is subject to rage and a “revolving door” of women. Read the full story here at Sole custody is not the preferred parenting arrangement and is applied under… read more

Fighting for a Military Father’s Rights in San Diego Family Court

on July 3, 2017Posted in Child Custody,Military Divorce

I recently had the opportunity to represent a young Father in his custody and visitation case. This Father was a member of the United States military stationed in San Diego. A custody and visitation situation arose when his child’s Mother decided to move across the country for financial reasons. Without representation, Father filed a motion… read more

Substance Misuse in Custody Proceedings

on May 15, 2017Posted in Child Custody

The reality is that a certain percentage of Family Court cases involve one or two parties who are substance misusers. For example, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that following a general trend of increased methamphetamine use in recent years, methamphetamine-related deaths reached a record high in 2015. The children of parents misusing and/or addicted to… read more

Celebrity Family Law News – Future, Ciara, and Child Custody

on June 21, 2016Posted in Child Custody,Family Law

Although rapper Future and singer Ciara’s son is only two years old, the famous couple has already made waves in celebrity Family Law news. Ciara recently requested sole custody of the couple’s child, alleging that father Future was a not-so-great parent. Ciara was attempting to modify custody orders the parents had both agreed to. Future… read more

Who Pays for the Transportation in a San Diego Child Custody Case When a Parent Moves Across the Country?

on May 22, 2016Posted in Child Custody

When the parent in a San Diego child custody case with the most child sharing time moves across the country, extra efforts must be made for the child or the children to keep frequent and continuing contact with the parent and other family members who remain behind. A move-away by the custodial parent[1] diminishes the… read more

Final Child Custody Orders and the Importance of Montenegro v. Diaz

on May 5, 2016Posted in Child Custody

The finality of custody orders is one of the most important, if not most overlooked, aspects of child custody in California. When a couple first divorces, a Court will typically apply the best interests of the child analysis as specified in Family Code § 3011. In determining the best interests of the child, the Court… read more

Contempt: Disobedience of Court Orders May Result in Fines or Jail Time

on March 31, 2016Posted in Alimony,Child Custody,Child Support,Contempt,Enforcement,Family Law,Spousal Support

“Contempt” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as “conduct that defies the authority or dignity of a court or legislature.” Courts make orders and people are expected to obey those orders. In some cases people behave badly and fail to obey court orders. When that happens, one is left to seek enforcement of the court’s… read more

How Unemployable Can You Be?

on November 17, 2015Posted in Assets,Child Custody,Divorce Articles,Family Law

In re Marriage of Eggers, 131 Cal.App.4th 695 (2005). Eggers tells that the court has to follow the ability and opportunity analysis before imputing income even when someone loses their job for misconduct. Thomas Eggers was terminated from his job at The Edison Company for sending “offensive emails of a sexual nature”, over a prolonged… read more