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Category: Community Property

Are you Entitled to an Ownership Interest in your Spouse’s Separate Property?

on June 26, 2017Posted in Community Property

Community Property Interest in Separate Property Residence In cases where one spouse owned a piece of real property before marriage or acquired it during marriage through an inheritance or with separate property money, the community may have an ownership interest in the real property upon divorce.  This occurs when the couple has used community earnings… read more

Don’t Miss the Asset – Accrued Vacation Pay in a Divorce

on November 16, 2016Posted in Assets,Community Property

Vacation pay in a divorce: This is a good example of an asset that should not be missed. When the time to divide assets in a divorce case arrives it’s important to make sure all of the community property has been addressed. Some property items are more obvious than others. For example, people probably aren’t… read more

That’s Not Fair! My Spouse Lives in our Home Rent Free During Our San Diego Divorce Case!

on May 3, 2016Posted in Community Property,Divorce

Understandably, the parties in a San Diego divorce case are often (but not always) living separate and apart. When the parties own a home, it usually makes financial sense for one spouse to stay in that home and the other to move into a new residence. But might that give one spouse a financial benefit… read more

We Spent Community Property Adding Square Footage to My Spouse’s House, Now I Want the Money Back!

on March 9, 2016Posted in Community Property,Family Law,Property Division,Separate Property

When two people divorce, they are faced with the often tedious task of dividing their community property. Often, one of the largest assets to divide will be the residence of the couple. “Not so fast,” says husband. “I bought this house and paid it off before we were married. I own that house.” Wife responds,… read more