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Category: Domestic Violence

What is “Non-Physical” Domestic Violence?

on February 2, 2020Posted in Domestic Violence

If one were to ask 100 Americans, “What is domestic violence?” one would receive a variety of answers. James Scott, our San Diego divorce lawyer states that the most common answers would be obvious, like hitting, punching, and kicking. Some answers would include sexual assault, other answers might even include emotional abuse. However, acts which… read more

She Started It! – Mutual Combat as a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

on August 3, 2017Posted in Domestic Violence

Dozens of domestic violence restraining orders are filed every day. Some of them are absolutely necessary in order to protect innocent people from violent perpetrators. However, there are times when both parties are equally at fault in a fight turned physical, and sometimes person claiming to be the victim is actually the instigator. In my… read more

How Do I Request A Restraining Order in San Diego?

on July 12, 2017Posted in Domestic Violence

The sad truth is that domestic abuse occurs far more frequently than is commonly understood. If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic abuse, you may be wondering: What types of protection are available in Family Court? First and foremost, if you or someone you know are in danger, call the… read more