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Category: Mediation

Ensure Your Privacy Through Divorce Mediation or Arbitration

on December 9, 2015Posted in Divorce Articles,Divorce Mediation,Family Law,Mediation

Private dispute resolution, sometimes called alternative dispute resolution, is a way for parties to a family law case to resolve their case without going through the full formal process in a California court. For purposes of family court private dispute resolution typically takes two forms: divorce mediation and arbitration. Divorce Mediation is voluntary and refers… read more

Divorce Mediation Keeps Your Private Life Private

on November 30, 2015Posted in Assets,Divorce Articles,Family Law,Mediation

One of the benefits of divorce mediation is that it is confidential, keeping your private family issues private. Where issues brought to court are recorded and available, everything said and worked on in mediation is protected and confidential. The California Evidence Code as well as a number of court cases ensure that mediation lets you… read more

Divorce Mediation Keeps Your Family Out of Court

on November 27, 2015Posted in Divorce Articles,Family Law,Mediation

Most people think that resolving family law issues requires a trip to court because they don’t know mediation is an option. Divorce mediation is private, collaborative, and keeps the outcome of your case in the hands of the people involved rather than a judge. Mediation uses shared knowledge and communication to resolve your family law… read more

Getting Divorced? Mediation May Be Better Than You Think.

on January 20, 2014Posted in Mediation

If you are ready for a divorce, your first thought may be the courtroom. You know your spouse, and you believe that you will not be able to resolve your issues without some conflict. With this in mind, you may feel compelled to go to court. However, there are other viable options, which can help… read more

Why Would You Not Mediate Your Divorce With All These Protections?

on January 12, 2014Posted in Mediation

California Evidence Code Sections Related to a Mediation Privilege that Keeps Divorce Talks Silent §703.5 “No mediator is competent to testify.” §1115[a] Definition of Mediation: A neutral person facilitates communication. §1115[b] A Mediator is a neutral who conducts mediation. §1115[c] Mediation consultation is a broad definition including intake communications. §1119 Mediation privilege written in oral… read more