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Category: Military Divorce

Fighting for a Military Father’s Rights in San Diego Family Court

on July 3, 2017Posted in Child Custody,Military Divorce

I recently had the opportunity to represent a young Father in his custody and visitation case. This Father was a member of the United States military stationed in San Diego. A custody and visitation situation arose when his child’s Mother decided to move across the country for financial reasons. Without representation, Father filed a motion… read more

Military Divorce – New U.S. Supreme Court Case Out of Arizona Changes Division of Military Retirement in California Divorce Case

on June 5, 2017Posted in Military Divorce

On May 15, 2017, the United States Supreme Court decided the case of Howell v. Howell (2017) 581 U.S. ___. This case will have a dramatic effect on divorces where one or both spouses serve in the United States military. The issue in dispute is: What happens when a divorcing couple agrees to divide a… read more

Hire a Certified Family Law Specialist for Your Military Divorce Case

on November 11, 2016Posted in Military Divorce

Military divorce cases often include complicated issues. That’s why it’s important to hire an attorney familiar with military divorce cases and the issues presented by these cases. Certified Family Law Specialists have extra training and experience that is very valuable for military families. Certified Family Law Specialists must pass a second bar exam and have… read more

Military Divorce and San Diego Family Attorneys

on June 7, 2016Posted in Family Law,Military Divorce

In San Diego, the United States armed forces are an integral element to the fabric of our community. Along with the rest of our community, service members may need the skills of San Diego family attorneys if they are dealing with divorce, custody and visitation, or domestic violence. However, there are often special considerations that… read more