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Category: Property Division

Reimbursement Requests in San Diego Divorce Cases

on June 3, 2016Posted in Property Division

San Diego divorce lawyers frequently address issues concerning credits and reimbursements related to the use of community property after the date of separation. The California Court of Appeal recently made a factually interesting ruling recently relating to the use of the marital home after the parties separate, as well as the reimbursement for the upkeep… read more

Dealing with Student Loans in San Diego Divorce Cases

on May 20, 2016Posted in Divorce,Property Division,Student Loans

San Diego divorce cases frequently include disputes over student loan obligations.  Student loans are all over the news these days, from discussions of the rising level of student loan debt in millennials, to instances, such as this article where for-profit schools are under fire for questionable student loan tactics. Student loan issues also often arise… read more

We Spent Community Property Adding Square Footage to My Spouse’s House, Now I Want the Money Back!

on March 9, 2016Posted in Community Property,Family Law,Property Division,Separate Property

When two people divorce, they are faced with the often tedious task of dividing their community property. Often, one of the largest assets to divide will be the residence of the couple. “Not so fast,” says husband. “I bought this house and paid it off before we were married. I own that house.” Wife responds,… read more