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Client Reviews

“I always feel confident when referring family law clients to Jim Scott. I’ve known Jim since law school. We’ve tried cases together. I’ve seen him prepare and work hard to make sure his clients’ interests are fully represented. When a client or a friend needs a family law attorney, Jim’s name is always first on my list.”

Michael J. Vallee, Esq.


“The reason for Mr. Scott’s success and reputation is really quite simple. He pours his heart and soul into every case. That, combined with his superior intellect and knowledge of the law, makes him a formidable force in the Courtroom. Lawyers fear him, Judges respect him, and clients are grateful they had him on their side.”

– Daniel M. Gilleon, Esq.


“I have been a client of Mr. Scott’s for 20+ years. I have used Jim’s law firm for our corporate filings, wills and living trusts. I have also recommended Mr. Scott to my friends for personal injury cases and have had a great response from them. He has always been fair and extremely thorough.”

Randy Aron


“My name is Milan Lavelle and I am a single mom of two young boys. I left my ex-husband in 2003 and went through four different attorneys before Mr. James Scott was referred to me by a civil litigation attorney in 2005. Mr. Scott has remained my attorney to this day, as I am STILL going through child support and child custody issues with my former husband. Prior to working with Mr. Scott and his team of highly intelligent and efficient assistants, I felt hopeless in my case because I lacked confidence in my attorneys. I was frustrated with their lack of time and attention to my case. I felt as if they really did not care about what my ex was doing to our boys and to me. Once I spoke with Mr. Scott, he made me feel as if I was someone who deserved justice and he was the one to show the judge that justice needed to be served in my direction! I found relief when Mr. Scott began to represent me; my stress level lessened… and that felt wonderful. Every member of his team at Scott Family Law is highly skilled at what they do. I have all the confidence in Mr. Scott, as well as his right hand man, Tom Kirby, and every person working in his law office. Divorce, child custody, and child support issues have all been heart wrenching and have taken a toll on my life; however, with the help of Scott Family Law, my spirits have lifted and some of that weight has been removed from my shoulders. I again have life; I can enjoy my time with my children and carry on my daily activities without being in total stress! My boys and I are fortunate to have Mr. Scott as our advocate”!

Milan A. Lavelle

” I was previously in a long term marriage (of 18 years) with significant support obligations after the divorce was final. I had been paying support for 5 years when I learned the ex began cohabitating with her boyfriend. Obviously, I felt it was unfair for me to pay support payments to a person who was in a romantic relationship and was cohabitating with this same individual. However, to resolve my issue through the courts I needed a professional Team who understood the details of Family Code 4323 with respect to cohabitation. That is when I contacted the Scott Family Law Firm. When I retained the Scott Family Law Firm to take my case I didn’t realize I was getting the support of an entire Team not just an individual attorney. After reviewing the case with Mr. Scott he provided me with a road map on what needed to be done and what challenges we would encounter along the way to reduce or terminate the support obligation. As the case progressed it became evident Mr. Scott’s experience as a Certified Family Law Specialist was critical to building a convincing case. During the hearing Mr. Scott and Mr. Botros methodically orchestrated a technically savvy and persuasive presentation. The court’s ruling resulted in a step down schedule for the support obligation with an eventual zeroing out the obligation within 2 years of the filing. In closing, I cannot say enough about the professionalism and experience the Team at Scott Family Law Firm provided me. The best complement to this Team would be a referral and I would pleasantly do that to all of you reading this testimony.”

Thank You Again!

Rich R.

My name is Angela Park from South Korea.

In the beginning of my divorce resolution, I hired a Korean attorney because it would be easier for me to communicate with Koreans considering my first language is Korean. However, from time to time, I noticed that the Korean lawyer had a lack of experience in the field; therefore, I had to find a more professional lawyer.

I came to know Mr. Scott and his firm through an internet search and saw the advertisement that said he would care about his clients sincerely, but I did not take it too seriously.

My ex husband’s attorney humiliated and insulted me with ridiculous accusations.I was very frustrated about my case and the international move away motion.

Many times, Mr. Scott assured me that I would be able to move back to Korea without a single bad word about my ex-husband, but I came to doubt if it would be really possible in that way while I felt that I should defend myself.

Believe it or not, as he told me, his strategy really did succeed in that way in a gentle manner, but very powerful without hurting either side.

I can speak various impressive comments about his talent, strong speech with arguments, much experience and knowledge as well as a great sense of humor, but for me, the most impressive thing about him was that he really got the heart for you.

Mr. Scott, Mr. Kirby and Mr. Botros, I really appreciate your international humanism and remarkable work!

– Angela Parker

저는 한국에서 온 안젤라 박입니다.

처음 이혼소송을 시작할때, 의사소통의 어려움때문에 한국인 변호사를 선임했습니다.

그러나 시간이 지날수록 그 변호사님이 이 분야엔 전혀 경험이 없다는 것을 알게되서 가정법/이혼 전문 변호사를 찾아야 했습니다.

인터넷 웹사이트에서 제임스 스콧 로펌의 제임스 스콧변호사님은 고객을 진심으로 대한다는 광고를 보고는 조금 과장된게 아닌가 싶었지만, 이분야에서 꽤 알려진 전문가 같았습니다.

저의 전 남편과 그의 변호사가 말도안되는 비난과 주장으로 저를 욕보이고 모욕감을 줄때마다 정말 치욕스럽고 그런 남자랑 결혼한 것이 너무 부끄러웠습니다. 저는 아이와 한국으로 이사가는 문제와 이혼과정에 대해 너무 불만스러웠습니다.

스콧변호사님께서는 여러번 저에게 전 남편에 대해 나쁜점을 폭로하지 않아도 아이와 함께 한국으로 돌아갈 수 있다고 확실하게 말씀해 주셨는데도 불구하고, 저는 과연 그런 점잖은 방법으로 이 문제들이 해결 될 수 있을까 의심이 들었습니다.

정말 신기하게도, 변호사님께서 말씀하신대로 상대의 비방없이 신사적인 방법으로 아이와 함께 한국으로 돌아 갈 수 있게 됬습니다.

저는 변호사님의 여러가지 인상깊었던 일처리 능력과 실력에 대해 자랑할 수 있지만, 제가 여기서 가장 강조하고 싶은것은 제임스 스콧변호사님은 외국인이어도 차별없이, 또 차별받지 않도록- 열과 성을 다하여 재판에서 이길 수 있도록 이끌어 주신다는 점입니다.

2012년 7월 24일

재판에서 승리한후……


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