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Ellen Scott


PHONE (858)-974-4900

FAX (866) 852-4537

Career Goals: Successfully helping people through transitional times and onto new paths to happiness.

Ms. Ellen Scott graduated from high school in the 1970s. She attended local Universities and Community College part time and full time and took a degree in Liberal Studies. Her favorite subject of all time is astronomy.

Working at Home of the Guiding Hands with disadvantaged people and working with the public early in her life gave Ms. Scott a good foundation for her professional career.

While in her early 20’s, Ms. Scott began a legal career working as an assistant for Judge Robert Baxley before he took the bench. His standards of collegiality, professionalism and righteousness were well invested in Ellen. When Judge Baxley left private practice for the court, Ellen began working for Les Collins. There she met attorney Tom Kirby. Their offices with Mr. Collins were down the hall from the firm of Holt and Baugh, where James Scott was an associate.

Mr. Collins had a busy general practice. He reportedly received much of his client base from Pete Wilson, who had been elected Mayor of San Diego. Mr. Collins did not like litigating or making court appearances, so he referred that part of his practice to Mr. Scott. Thus, Tom Kirby, Ellen Scott and Jim Scott began working together over 35 years ago.

In the early 80’s the senior partners at Holt and Baugh offered a partnership interest to Mr. Scott. At the same time, a retiring attorney offered to give his practice to Mr. Scott. The offer from Holt and Baugh was accepted with the condition that Mr. Scott could choose his support staff from outside the firm. Mr. Scott knew that the practice of Les Collins was folding. The timing was exquisite. Ellen joined the firm and not much later, Tom Kirby.

The most important career of Ellen Scott has been leading a family of 5 including one child that enjoyed seventeen and one-half years of joint custody during her minority. That “joint custody” might be labeled or described as “shared parenting.” The extended family includes another set of very important people.

Ellen has successfully done just about everything in a Family Law practice, except make court appearances alone. She has many times assisted in court to make presentations successful. She has interviewed witnesses, prepared accountings, and done the payroll for the office. For twenty years Ellen worked with Jim on arbitrations of fees for the State Bar Association of California, and the County Bar Association for San Diego.

Aside from her careers as a mother and a law office manager, Ellen’s favorite activities are outdoors and include native gardening, astronomy and geology. Her rock collection is significant. Her telescope is computerized.