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San Diego High Asset Divorce Attorney

Why Choose A San Diego High Asset Divorce Lawyer

The San Diego high asset divorce attorneys at Scott Family Law firm specialize in Complex High Asset Divorce cases involving high-end and specialty clients ranging from:

  • Professional Athlete Divorce, Football & Baseball Players
  • Corporate Evaluation
  • Small Business Evaluation
  • Division of Stock Options
  • Military

Example: One family might gain controlling interests in more than one business or asset. From heavy machine work and manufacturing facilities to strip malls, some of the community assets require greater time and effort to work for the income. The acquisition of multiple businesses might lead one person in the relationship to be overtaxed for time and energy in efforts to maintain multiple streams of income.

Some family businesses are handed down from one generation to the next with growth and diversity developing during the marriage, and worse, during a complex divorce. Issues such as the dates of evaluation for businesses, whether the growth of the business is natural and attendant to the nature of the assets or due to the hard work of the spouse during the marriage. How do we apportion this growth in a fair and just manner? A San Diego high asset divorce lawyer from Scott Family Law can help. Contact our office at (858) 974-4900 and get a free initial consultation.

Dealing with such a complex divorce is a very difficult situation. Do not let just any divorce lawyer handle this for you. Our expert San Diego divorce attorneys will work for the best possible result from your proceedings.

Professional Practices: Attorneys, Doctors, Architects, Accountants

From choosing a correct valuation date to choosing an experienced and well educated forensic economist, these professionals require special knowledge. When the professional controls the administration of the practice all of the resources of experience call for checks on deferred billing to diverted fees and referrals.

How does the Family Code keep integrity to a dissolution when a professional is being ordered to pay one-half (1/2) the value of practice and then pay child support and spousal support on top? What is the motivation to the professional to carry on with an enthusiasm for the field and the long hours needed to be successful in any small business?

Closely held corporations/minority interests

We see more and more family businesses diversify. They may begin second companies in related fields as partners with third parties and they may take minority interests. Will it be necessary to sell the minority interest in the lesser business to balance the division of property? How are the interests of the parties to this dissolution best protected from abuse at the hands of the majority shareholder?

Professional Athletes

Watching my people drive in runs at the ballpark and defense rapid plays like a wall of titanium certainly adds excitement to my practice. Professional athletes and their families have unique needs with difficult playing schedules, demanding community work, and unpredictable incomes. Child sharing schedules need to accommodate the athlete so that the children gain the most during these tough years. Child support and alimony figures must accommodate the extraordinary high earning with something less than a guideline and a study of needs.

Evaluation of stock options

During the past twenty years, the issue of the use of stock options as an incentive to continued employment has gained popularity with the growth and proliferation of the digital industries in California. Is there a vested value? Is it important or even possible to evaluate options in a falling market? Why isn’t the value separate property of the employee who is required to continue in employment?

Evaluation and division of family businesses

The first question is whether the family business is even worth an evaluation. Is this company based upon the skill and industry of one person, such as a sign painter? Is it worth counting his brushes and jars of paint if he is painting signs on the windows of stores, even if he is generating a large income?

Professional partnerships

Some of the most intriguing and difficult dissolutions that I have seen involved the evaluation of a marital interest is a partnership of real estate brokers. Is one partner the rainmaker and the other the behind the scenes workhorse? What role is there in making the evaluation when the other partner, the one who is not getting a divorce, is controlling the books?

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